Total Waste of Plastic

One day, I was looking on a site called HUKD (Hot UK Deals) I was trawling the computer section. I came across a post that was telling everyone about the “Anet A8 3D” printer, for some ridiculous price. I clicked on it thinking “might be worth a look” That was my downfall!!

I brought the printer, it was a Hictop Prusa i3, then, with the same less than basic knowledge, I brought a Delta. This was a fine looking, Kossel Plus, from Biqu in China. To be fair even though I knew very little, I loved them both. I wasted miles of plastic! Hence the name “Total waste of plastic” In actual fact it wasn’t at all, probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

That was in April 15th 2017, since that day, I have always done something to increase my knowledge about this great hobby. The book has really pushed me, to find out so much about this fascinating science. Everything I have learned, or seen, I have tried out on either of my own printers. Some of it worked and some of it was a total waste of plastic.

I thought the best way to find out about 3D printing was to write a book about it. To my mind if you say your going to write a book about something, you better make sure, what you put in that book, stands up.

That’s what I’m doing, and this site is an extension to that book. I hope you find something here useful. Feel free to leave me a comment, good or bad. Perhaps tell me how I can better serve my visitors.

I have some plans, things I want to do. Projects, how to’s. reviews and so on. So I guess, I better get on with it then. Thanks for dropping in.

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