Prints warping on my Delta

I wanted to create a small plinth with the name of the website embossed on the front. I wanted to have something that I could use when I wanted to take a picture on a print and post it to my media sites. I designed it in Tinkercad, then tried to print it. I wanted to print t on my Delta, only because it does such a good job. Anyway, the plinth was 180mm long 50mm deep and 5mm thick.


Do you think I could get it to print? I tried everything. Different glue, heat settings, thickness of the base. Tried printing in different filament, changed speed of printing, fan on, fan off.

Basically, I could not stop it turning one or more of the corners up. Warping was a major problem that just wouldn’t go away.

I happen to be standing close to my printer and I noticed a slight draft running across the bed. Very slight one, but a draft all the same. So, I got me to wondering if it was this draft that was causing the issues. I found where it was coming from. It was from my FLSUN Cube, that stands beside the Delta. The fans from the power supply, blow slightly across the Delta’s build plate. My exuberant mind hatched a plan.


I wound some masking tape round the Delta’s towers, sort of encasing it in a “masking tape tent” then tried to print the part again. Guess what? Perfection, no warping. But the solution looked rubbish. So I thought I would design something a little better for the occasions that I needed to keep the heat in that area whilst I was printing.

I went to Tinkercad, and designed a small bracket that fixes on to my 20mm X and Y towers. It’s easily removable and as an upside, it doesn’t get in the way if I’m too lazy to remove them. It has a little notch on the back to catch the cardboard that I plan on using.


This leave the Z tower. The idea I had was to wrap the cardboard around the towers and attach them at the Z tower. Doing this would entail a slightly different design approach to the ones used on the front towers. Back in Tinkercad I played with a few ideas I had during the day. I love the fact that when you have a 3D printer issue on your mind ideas and designs come and go all day. So I printed off a couple of the thoughts I had during the day, but they didn’t quite work as I thought they might. Then I came up with the following design.


I deleted the flap on the back and crafted a couple of wings that trapped the ends of the cardboard. Not rocket science I’ll admit, but it does the trick.

I then printed off four of the first designs. two for each of the X and Y towers. And two of the one above for the Z tower. I think these are in PETG but only because that was what was already loaded. These parts are only used for holding light cardboard so no need to build in any form of extra strength.

I attached the brackets then went looking for some cardboard. Found some!! I measured it to 13cm’s and cut it out.


I know what you’re thinking and yes it’s not the best looking thing in the world. But I find that when I have an idea and design something that fills a need. In the background my mind its thinking the same as you are “This could be done better” and its already working on a better approach to the problem. In the mean time though, I have fixed the original issue.

Anyway, all sorted, I will Thingiverse them at some stage, when I get the time.




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