About me

Hi and welcome to a “Total Waste of Plastic”

My name is Duncan Weir, and I like 3D printing. That’s why I put this site together.

I have printed all of the usual stuff that you print when you first get a 3D printer. The stuff from Thingiverse, and there are a lot of things on Thingiverse, littered my desk like a Sunday market stall. But I want to do more. I want to create things that showcases the versatility of owning on of these amazing machines.

Buying the parts to make a really useful project, is so simple these days. You only have to have a look round on Aliexpress.com or Lightinthebox.com and you will see a wide array of components that you can buy, often for pence. These components can be brought for your next project. As long as you don’t mind the wait to get your ordeMemyselfIr back home. Although this is changing too. Delivery times are getting really quick.

Say for instance you wanted to build Amazons “Alexa”, or a “Google home” There are sites on the internet like ifixit.com, who specialise in taking stuff apart. Just to see how things are made and what components they are made from, and how they are put together. So, you can grab a list of parts from these sites, then head over to one of the big Chinese online shops. Peruse their massive stock inventory. order the bits you want, build it, then you print the case, or the wall holder to put it in.

In fact you can print what you like to house the thing, that you’ve built. It’s not only about the power of a 3D printer, but also, the choice you now have. To build the stuff you want, in the way you want it. None of this is illegal either, you are not stealing anything, because the underlying technology is freely available. Amazon and Google both have APIs that you can freely use to build your own version, so go create, is what I say.

Even if you do find something that is copyrighted, there is nothing stopping you from building your own design. Just as long as you don’t sell it as a like for like, product. This is what I think 3D printing can be used for. Not as a copycat machine, but as a springboard to designing your own stuff, based on your own likes and needs.

Hence this site. My hope is that we can “go create” together, build and share what we have learned. To make 3D printing more appealing and accessible to more and more people. Like a giant 3D printed snowball, rolling out of control, down a hill of filament.

So welcome to “Total waste of plastic” I hope you’ll become as bigger waster as I am.

A note about privacy

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