Piper 1 (v2) 3D Printer build (Part 3)

Here we are at part three where we will put the finishing touches to the Piper Build. These first three parts are about actually building the Piper because I want to keep each of the stages separate which are Physical build Wiring and attaching parts Calibration and first prints The reason I think they should … More Piper 1 (v2) 3D Printer build (Part 3)

Sticky Tenacious Build Plate Sauce

3D print enthusiasts – 3D printer hobbyists – 3D Printer lovers – 3D Printer users – 3D Printer learners – 3D Printer seasoned evangelists.  I am very pleased to announce what could possibly be the last word in build plate adhesion problems for 3D printers. I have been “learning” the art of 3D printing for … More Sticky Tenacious Build Plate Sauce

Print my life – GHD Straighteners

Problem: Broken arm – GHD straighteners Cause: Messy bedroom walking about without due care and attention. I would guess late and probably rushing about getting ready to go out. It’s text book stuff. As you can see a less than clean break, not sure what the material is that’s used to make these. More importantly … More Print my life – GHD Straighteners

Print my life!

As you are aware, I think everyone should have a 3D printer. At the same time, I believe that 3D printers are worth more than just being used for printing objects from Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory or Yeggi. Don’t get me wrong, these sites are amazing and worth the time to go in and look around. But … More Print my life!